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Image Teresa


Release Date 2011-02-27
Runtime 47 minutes
Genres Soap, Drama
Stars Angelique Boyer, Aarón Díaz, Cynthia Klitbo, Sebastián Rulli, Ana Brenda Contreras
Directors Julián Aguilar, Ximena Suárez, Mimí Bechelani, Gloria Trevi, José Alberto Castro

Teresa Chavez is a young woman with an obsession for money and ambition. Despite her beauty and the fact that she was raised in the bosom of a loving family, she is resentful; her one desire is to leave her humble but poor neighbourhood.

1. Episode 1


Teresa is just finishing high school when the secret she's kept from her boyfriend for two years is revealed, now she will lose everything.

2. Episode 2


Teresa is humiliated by her ex-boyfriend and the kids at school who found out about her economic situation, but the experience will make her stronger.

3. Episode 3


Teresa faces her enemies and swears vengeance, but in the face of rejection, she realizes her first love is still waiting for her.

4. Episode 4


Teresa makes Mariano look bad so that Aurora will lose interest in him. Mariano confronts Professor De La Barrera and saying Teresa deserves better.

5. Episode 5


Teresa and Mariano love each other and decide to get back together. Teresa shows her enemies she got into the best university despite being poor.

6. Episode 6


Teresa puts school ahead of the gymnastics competition that was so important to her sister Rosita, who dies of heart failure the same day.

7. Episode 7


Teresa is hit hard by the death of her sister and vows to do whatever it takes to escape her life of poverty.

8. Episode 8


Teresa confesses her love for Mariano to Aurora, and Aurora decides to leave the country. Teresa decides to move on despite her sister's death.

9. Episode 9


Teresa gains Luisa's trust and she tells her how her parents died and how she and her brother have suffered. Pablito's health is worrying.

10. Episode 10


Teresa is frustrated about accepting charity from Aurora to dress well at work, and won't let her parents give Pablito what little money they have.

11. Episode 11


Teresa reaffirms her oath to escape from poverty. She comforts Professor De La Barrera when she finds out he was hurt when he was left at the altar.

12. Episode 12


Professor De La Barrera gives Teresa a cell phone. Mariano receives some expensive equipment for his studies. Aurora gives Teresa some clothes.

13. Episode 13


Teresa fakes being upset Aurora left, and lies to Paloma that she's pregnant with Arturo's baby. She and Mariano go to Aurora's house in Cuernavaca.

14. Episode 14


Teresa and Mariano consummate their love at Cuernavaca. The neighborhood awaits the results of Pablito's operation at the hospital.

15. Episode 15


Teresa confesses to Professor De La Barrera she was the one who convinced Paloma to leave him. Teresa's mother suspects Teresa is with Arturo.

16. Episode 16


Teresa is worried because Arturo found out about her lies to Paloma. Teresa's mother reminds Professor De La Barrera to keep it professional with her.

17. Episode 17


Teresa is mad at everyone. Her plans might fall apart if Arturo clears things up with Paloma. Luisa visits Teresa's mother to defend her brother.

18. Episode 18


Teresa is furious with her mother and Mariano for doubting her and refuses to forgive them. Professor De La Barrera is mad at her for lying to him.

19. Episode 19


Mariano goes to talk with Arturo and convinces him to continue supporting Teresa's studies. Teresa forgives him, as she and doesn't want to lose him.

20. Episode 20


Teresa is humiliated again at the university for being poor. Her ex-boyfriend Paulo gives her a new computer in exchange for her help with schoolwork.

21. Episode 21


Teresa is accused of having a relationship with Professor De La Barrera. Teresa defends herself and teaches her enemy a lesson for her slander.

22. Episode 22


Teresa goes to the hospital to see Pablito and finds Paloma there, who warns her that Pablito is part of her family and she won't let her visit him.

23. Episode 23


Teresa fights with Mariano, who instead of giving her the ring, pawned it to help his father. He feels bad and gets money from Luisa to buy it back.

24. Episode 24


Ruben confronts Teresa for making an appointment with his daughter at the same restaurant as them to start a fight. Mariano gives Teresa the ring.

25. Episode 25


Teresa asks Mariano to do whatever he can to get her out of the neighborhood. Aurora returns from Paris and wants to surprise Teresa.

26. Episode 26


Teresa confesses to Aurora that Professor De La Barrera doesn't know she's with Mariano. Arturo plans to propose to her when she finishes her studies.

27. Episode 27


Teresa's mother faints when she finds out her husband lost his job. Arturo gives Teresa a PDA. Armando is under a lot of pressure to find a job.

28. Episode 28


Professor De La Barrera tries to talk with Teresa's father to clear up his intentions with his daughter. The apartment was for Luisa, not Teresa.

29. Episode 29


Teresa tells Mariano to invite important people to his graduation to make connections. Arturo confesses to Teresa's father he wants to marry her.

30. Episode 30


After Teresa tells Esperanza she should check on her, she discovers Ruben's wife doesn't have cancer. Mariano and Aurora will be Pablito's godparents.

31. Episode 31


Teresa convinces Esperanza Ruben is a good man. Armando's debts almost leave the family bankrupt, but Mariano and the neighbors take up a collection.

32. Episode 32


Esperanza gives Teresa some jewelry to pay the mortgage. Teresa's father asks her for money but she refuses to share what she's been given.

33. Episode 33


Teresa breaks up with Mariano and decides to leave home to live with Professor De La Barrera. Teresa's mother suffers a pulmonary embolism.

34. Episode 34


Teresa tells Mariano that Professor De La Barrera is the ideal man. Mariano promises Teresa's mother that he'll always take care of her daughter.

35. Episode 35


Teresa visits her mother in the hospital and assures her she's helping the family. Esperanza's parents find out the man she's with may be her father.

36. Episode 36


Teresa and Arturo kiss for the first time. Armando tells Teresa to ask Professor De La Barrera for money to stop the foreclosure. He donates the ring.

37. Episode 37


Teresa is ashamed of her father because he's working as an orderly at the hospital. Ruben asks Esperanza to live with him in his apartment.

38. Episode 38


Teresa tells everyone her godmother is going to Arturo's house to take care of her and Mariano had no reason to assault Professor De La Barrera.

39. Episode 39


Teresa arrives at Arturo's house with her godmother. Aurora demands Teresa stop leading Mariano on and tell him how she really feels.

40. Episode 40


Teresa assures her parents she wants to spend her life with Arturo. Arturo tells Mariano to accept that Teresa chose him, but Mariano won't give up.

41. Episode 41


Teresa gets a credit card to shop for the wedding. She takes a photo of Esperanza and Ruben kissing to send to Aida.

42. Episode 42


Teresa sends Aida the photo of her father kissing Esperanza. Mariano is mad at Aurora for hiding the fact that her father is the hospital director.

43. Episode 43


Teresa is ashamed her father is an orderly at the hospital. She admits to Aida that she sent the photo of her father kissing another woman.

44. Episode 44


Teresa tells Genoveva it's her fault Paulo is on drugs. Fernando tells his ex-lover Luisa is his girlfriend. Juanita spends the night with Cutberto.

45. Episode 45


Teresa confesses to Ruben she's known about his relationship with Esperanza for years. Paulo takes a drug test to show his mother he's not on drugs.

46. Episode 46


Esperanza visits Teresa at Arturo's house. Teresa notices the name Luna Turquesa elicits a reaction in Arturo. Esperanza finds out she's pregnant.

47. Episode 47


Teresa goes to Mariano to tell him she's thinking about taking him back. Esperanza is devastated when Ruben leaves her.

48. Episode 48


Mariano is disappointed in Teresa when he finds out she went to Cancún with Arturo. Mariano decides to get together with Aurora and forget Teresa.

49. Episode 49


Teresa tells Paloma not to work with Arturo. Mariano tells Teresa he's figured out she's a liar and he's done with her. Arturo won't quit the project.

50. Episode 50


Teresa tells Aurora she'll never get Mariano to fall in love with her. Teresa's parents are disappointed in her for going to Cancún with Arturo.

51. Episode 51


Drunk, Teresa tells Esperanza she's just marrying Arturo for money. Arturo asks Teresa to take him back. Paloma won't give him up without a fight.

52. Episode 52


Teresa sends Aida papers showing the supposed divorce of her parents. Teresa confesses to Arturo she was with Mariano when they were teenagers.

53. Episode 53


Aida throws ammonium in Teresa's face and blames her for Paulo's death. Mariano stops Aida from killing himself.

54. Episode 54


Arturo finds out Paloma had a stillborn child of his. Teresa is happy Arturo doesn't have any heirs to share his fortune.

55. Episode 55


Luisa gives herself to Fernando. Mariano is disappointed in Teresa for sending Aida the supposed divorce papers. Esperanza confesses she's pregnant.

56. Episode 56


Juanita is devastated when she finds out Teresa isn't going to use the wedding dress she made for her. Aida finds a new reason to live.

57. Episode 57


Teresa got her father a job as a messenger for Arturo's office. Mariano is jealous because Aurora is with Martin and doesn't have time for him.

58. Episode 58


Teresa tells Ruben if he can get Aida to stay away from the neighborhood she'll get Esperanza to leave him alone. Ruben gives Teresa another ring.

59. Episode 59


Juanita asks Aida to apologize to Teresa. Mayra demands Ruben tell her about his ex-lover. Luisa fears Fernando will forget her in Spain.

60. Episode 60


Aida tells Arturo Teresa sent her mother a photo of Ruben with another woman and the papers. Teresa is surprised to see Mariano at Paloma's auction.

61. Episode 61


Teresa is sick with jealousy when she sees Mariano kissing her worst enemy. Juanita asks Aurora's father to be her date to Teresa's wedding.

62. Episode 62


Teresa and Mariano sleep together. She says she'll run away with him instead of marrying Arturo. Arturo doesn't know if his mother is dead or alive.

63. Episode 63


Arturo gives Teresa a car. Teresa's mother finds out about Mariano and asks her daughter not to get married. Paloma wishes Arturo the best.

64. Episode 64


Teresa swears she loves Mariano but can't give up her life with Arturo. Mayra finds out Esperanza is Ruben's lover and makes a scene at the wedding.

65. Episode 65


Esperanza confesses her affair with Ruben to Teresa's mother. Aida is mad at Mariano for not saying anything about Esperanza and her father.

66. Episode 66


Teresa is mad at Arturo for canceling their honeymoon. Mayra offers Esperanza money to stay away from Ruben. Tito has a business proposition for Gema.

67. Episode 67


Teresa is mad at Arturo for asking her to watch her credit card spending. Fernando assures Arturo he loves Luisa and would never hurt her.

68. Episode 68


Mariano asks Paloma to introduce him to people who would want to help with the clinic. Teresa's parents refuse to live with Arturo.

69. Episode 69


Teresa assures her husband she only went out with Mariano once. Ruben is worried because Myra decided to give her daughter control over the business.

70. Episode 70


Teresa denies to her mother having slept with Mariano the day before the wedding. Dr. Ledesma offers to help Esperanza. Ruben offers her a house.

71. Episode 71


Teresa asks Paloma to leave her husband alone because she'll never break them up. Arturo tells Fernando he'll leave the money for his son with Teresa.

72. Episode 72


Teresa and Mariano have a romantic encounter. Mariano's father runs Teresa off for everything she's done to his son and threatens to tell her husband.

73. Episode 73


Aída and Mariano tell Juana they're together. Arturo asks Mariano to respect his marriage. Arturo hears Teresa tell Aurora that Mariano was her first.

74. Episode 74


Arturo spends the night with Paloma. Mayra freaks out when she finds out Esperanza is pregnant. Teresa is worried about her husband's behavior.

75. Episode 75


Teresa confesses to Arturo that she slept with Mariano. Genoveva tells Ruben Esperanza is with another man. Dr. Ledesma confesses his love for her.

76. Episode 76


Teresa tells her mother she's thinking about having kids with Arturo. Arturo tells Paloma they won't be seeing each other anymore.

77. Episode 77


Paloma is hit by a car before she can tell Arturo the truth. Before she dies she confesses to Teresa that she was with Arturo one night.

78. Episode 78


Aída is furious to find out Esperanza is pregnant. Ruben offers the company lawyer hush money to keep his fraud quiet. Paloma left Arturo her fortune.

79. Episode 79


Ruben asks Esperanza about her pregnancy. Mariano gave Fito's license plate numbers to the police. Teresa confronts Arturo about his unfaithfulness.

80. Episode 80


Teresa comforts Fernando after what Arturo did to him. Fernando asks Teresa not to tell Luisa they're together. Aurora tells Aida Mariano is very sad.

81. Episode 81


Teresa asks for a divorce. Genoveva offers to raise Esperanza and Ruben's child. Juana tells Hector not to go after Teresa until she's divorced.

82. Episode 82


Aurora confesses to Martin that she's declared her love for Mariano. Teresa assures Mariano she's divorcing Arturo.

83. Episode 83


Teresa tells Mariano she loves him and needs him to give her another chance. Martin asks Mariano if he and Aurora are more than friends.

84. Episode 84


Mariano is furious Arturo was unfaithful to Teresa. Johnny and Paty tell Don Porfirio they're getting married. Arturo offers to take Teresa to Europe.

85. Episode 85


Arturo tells Teresa he'll divorce her if that's what she wants. Esperanza asks Mariano not to tell Mayra about her pregnancy.

86. Episode 86


Aida accepts Mariano continuing to support Esperanza during her pregnancy. Aurora tells Teresa not to go after Mariano while still married to Arturo.

87. Episode 87


Mariano assures Aida he's over Teresa. Fernando tries to break up with Luisa but the mother interrupts. Arturo offers to take Teresa to Europe.

88. Episode 88


Teresa has figured out Oreana will be her new enemy. Paty invites her grandfather to the wedding. Teresa agrees to go to Europe with Arturo.

89. Episode 89


Teresa gives Fito some euros so that he won't talk to her husband. Mariano attends to Oreana during an attack. She offers to help with his project.

90. Episode 90


Teresa pretends the euros were stolen from her in a robbery. Oreana helps Mariano with the clinics. Paty's grandfather tries to stop the wedding.

91. Episode 91


Johnny and Paty are married. Aida reminds Esperanza she'll never forgive her for what she did with her father. Hector shows Juana the divorce papers.

92. Episode 92


Oreana threatens to disown Fernando if he so much as looks at Teresa. Esperanza has an argument with Ruben about her child's paternity.

93. Episode 93


Mayra goes to the hospital to find out if Esperanza's child is her husband's. Teresa is upset when Arturo wants to sleep with her.

94. Episode 94


Teresa decides to overlook Arturo's unfaithfulness while they're in Europe. Luisa moves in with Fernando. Aida fights with Esperanza over the baby.

95. Episode 95


Mariano confesses to Aurora that he loves Aida. Aida tells her mother the child Esperanza is going to have is her father's.

96. Episode 96


Aida tells her father she's going to represent her mother in the divorce. Aurora asks her mother to explain why she abandoned her.

97. Episode 97


Hector lets Vanesa stay at Aurora's house. Aida suggests her mother think through whether or not she wants to put her father in jail for what he did.

98. Episode 98


Aurora tells her mother her father is marrying Juana. Juana is mad at Hector for letting his wife move in with him again.

99. Episode 99


Arturo decides to stay with Teresa in Europe instead of returning for the Saenz case. Mayra receives the proof that Ruben stole the money.

100. Episode 100


Hector and Juana go to dinner and resolve their differences. Mariano tells Teresa the apartment he shares with Aida is the product of his hard work.

101. Episode 101


Fernando asks Luisa to marry him again. Johnny finds out the food he delivers for Gema contains drugs. Aurora asks her mother to forget her father.

102. Episode 102


Arturo confesses to Teresa that his entire fortune is tied up in Saenz's businesses and if he loses the case, he loses all his money.

103. Episode 103


Teresa tells Aurora that Vanessa wants to take everything from Hector. Mayra tells Ruben that she did an audit and discovered that he's been stealing her money. Vanessa tells Hector that if he gives her money, she will get out of his life.

104. Episode 104


Hector gives Vanessa money for her to be a good mother and Aurora hears everything. Vanessa confesses to Aurora that she abandoned her because she fell in love. The police arrests Gema for distributing narcotics.

105. Episode 105


Vanessa asks Aurora for forgiveness for all the harm she has inflicted on her. Fito tells Teresa that he could help her become a widow. Aida tells Mayra that Ruben must give her the 'Luna Turquesa' shares because he paid using her money.

106. Episode 106


Fito beats Armando to steal some important documents. Teresa gives Fito a large sum of money to return the stolen documents.

107. Episode 107


Aida visits Ruben in jail and asks why he did them so much harm. Arturo tells Teresa that he lost Saenz's case and that it's possible they could go bankrupt.

108. Episode 108


Esperanza tells Hernan that she loves him and gives the relationship a chance. Teresa tells Aurora that she will stay with Arturo even if he loses his money. Johnny is beaten by the men who work with Gema.

109. Episode 109


Margarita, the wife of Saenz, threatens Arturo with a pistol. Teresa jumps in the middle and is wounded. Juana tells Mariano that Teresa was shot saving Arturo's life.

110. Episode 110


Hector operates on Teresa and manages to stabilize her. Aida scorns Mariano for worrying about Teresa's health. Mariano breaks up with Aida because he will never be able to love her.

111. Episode 111


Arturo asks Hector if it's true that Teresa could end up a quadriplegic, which he confirms is the case. Aurora tells Hector that she will marry Martin. Aida goes to visit Teresa at the hospital and tells her that she is paralyzed.

112. Episode 112


Arturo tells Teresa that he will seek out the best doctors to cure her. Genoveva hires Fito to kidnap Esperanza's son. Genoveva discovers that Fito is her son's murderer.

113. Episode 113


Teresa is induced into a coma to remove the bullet from her neck. Fernando tells Oriana that he bought Arturo's house to give it to him and Teresa. Ruben leaves jail.

114. Episode 114


Oriana tells Teresa that Arturo sold his house and that Fernando bought it for Luisa. Teresa thanks Mariano for saving her life. Esperanza goes into labor prematurely as a result of shock from Ruben's visit.

115. Episode 115


Oriana overhears Cutberto's scolding of Teresa for having been a bad woman to Mariano. Hernan asks Esperanza for her hand in marriage to form a family.

116. Episode 116


Teresa starts her plans to seduce Fernando. Esperanza and Hernan marry in the hospital to start a new life together.

117. Episode 117


Mariano shows Aida Esperanza's baby and asks for her to understand that the baby is not the cause of Ruben's errors. Oriana confesses Teresa's infidelity to Arturo.

118. Episode 118


Arturo confronts Teresa about her infidelity. Aida makes it clear to Aurora that she will fight for the love of Mariano and that she will face anyone to sway him.

119. Episode 119


Arturo plans revenge on Teresa, telling Fernando his plans to make her miserable by his side. Teresa is furious at finding out that Oriana is the reason that Arturo has lost trust in her.

120. Episode 120


Martin decides to end his engagement to Aurora after finding out that she does not love him. Arturo plans to rent Chonita's apartment to bring Teresa back to her old neighborhood.

121. Episode 121


Teresa is furious to find out that Arturo plans to bring her back to the old neighborhood. Aurora decides to forget about love for the time being and start a new life on her own.

122. Episode 122


Teresa becomes jealous upon finding out that Mariano is interested in Aurora. Oriana and Aida show up to the neighborhood to make fun of Teresa.

123. Episode 123


Teresa comes up with a plan to break off Fernando's wedding. Fernando demands that Arturo take Teresa out of the neighborhood.

124. Episode 124


Aurora leaves Juana a letter explaining why he has decided to move away from Mariano. Fernando asks Arturo to take his apartment and live there with Teresa.

125. Episode 125


Mariano clarifies to Teresa that the love he felt for her was no longer there. Arturo becomes furious seeing Teresa with Mariano.

126. Episode 126


Teresa initiates her plan and kisses Fernando to make him fall for her. Teresa manages to convince Arturo to move to Fernando's apartment.

127. Episode 127


Luisa meets with Lucia, an old schoolmate. Arturo asks Jacinto to keep an eye on Teresa to see if she is still cheating on him. Ruben is determined to do anything to take his son from Esperanza.

128. Episode 128


Ruben is surprised to find out that Mayra has fallen in love with another man. Teresa is furious to find out that Cutberto is the reason that Oriana knows about her affair with Mariano.

129. Episode 129


Mayra's heart breaks when she discovers that Ruben and Genoveva are lovers. Teresa lies to Fernando telling him that she is falling in love with him.

130. Episode 130


Aida plans to buy Martin's 'Luna Turquesa' shares to make sure that Teresa and Arturo stay in the streets. Cutberto decides to go to Zacatecas to get away from Juana.

131. Episode 131


Teresa doesn't want to keep wasting her time and demands that either Arturo stops mistrusting her or she will file for divorce. Juana confesses to Teresa that she is in love with Cutberto.

132. Episode 132


Fernando promises Teresa that he will buy the 'Luna Turquesa' shares to ensure that she will not be on the street. Mariano and Aurora spend time together in Zacatecas to start working together.

133. Episode 133


Teresa shows Arturo that Lucia has always loved him. Ruben looks for a way to win back Esperanza. Teresa falsely claims to Fernando that Arturo is having an affair with Lucia. Teresa promises Fernando that she will divorce Arturo to be with him.

134. Episode 134


Teresa confesses her jealousy at seeing him close to Luisa. Teresa is heartbroken to find out that Mariano is in a relationship with Aurora.

135. Episode 135


Teresa asks Fernando to break off his engagement to Luisa so that they can be together. Johnny finds Teresa embracing Fernando and plans to tell Mariano.

136. Episode 136


A pair of criminals kidnap Esperanza's baby to hand him over to Genoveva. Fernando asks Luisa to postpone the wedding to go off with Teresa.

137. Episode 137


Aurora decides to end her relationship with Mariano when she finds out that he has been looking for Teresa. Teresa ask Arturo for a divorce.

138. Episode 138


Fernando confides to Teresa that he no longer feels anything for Luisa and that he wants to marry her. Fernando tells Luisa that he is in love with Teresa.

139. Episode 139


Aurora consoles Luisa after hearing that Fernando has left her for Teresa. Oriana is furious when she discovers that Fernando will not marry Luisa.

140. Episode 140


Arturo beats Fernando and accuses him of treason for falling in love with Teresa. Armando has a heart attack after realizing that Teresa is not the daughter he thought she was.

141. Episode 141


Refugio becomes inconsolable upon realizing that Armando has died. Oriana warns Fernando about Teresa and her interest in his fortune.

142. Episode 142


Mariano carries out a very romantic dinner to ask Aurora to marry him. Luisa asks Fernando for another chance to be a couple again.

143. Episode 143


Teresa becomes irate when she discovers that Oriana plans to take all of Fernando's money. Teresa's heart breaks when she finds out that Arturo has filed for divorce.

144. Episode 144


Teresa convinces Fernando to leave Arturo's house in her name. Oriana asks Arturo to not divorce Teresa to prevent her from marrying Fernando.

145. Episode 145


Teresa is surprised to learn that Genoveva is Ruben's lover. Genoveva kills Fito while trying to protect Ruben.

146. Episode 146


Arturo starts to go out with Lucia thinking he could start a new life with her. Teresa confesses to Aida that Genoveva is Ruben's lover.

147. Episode 147


Esperanza plans to flee with Ruben in order to retrieve her son. Teresa gives her confession so that the police will let Mariano go.

148. Episode 148


Oriana offers Teresa a couple of million pesos in exchange for leaving Fernando. Mariano decides to end his relationship with Aurora because he will not be able to leave prison.

149. Episode 149


Teresa and Arturo sign the divorce. The police start an investigation to determine if Genoveva killed Fito. Aida tells Hernan that Ruben is the one who kidnapped his baby.

150. Episode 150


Fernando decides to to hand over all of his businesses to Teresa. Teresa sells all of Fernando's businesses and decides not to marry him in order to get back with Arturo.

151. Episode 151


Teresa looks for Arturo to confess that he is the love of her life. Teresa is shunned and rejected by her friends and family.