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Image La Reina del Sur Season 1

La Reina del Sur Season 1

Release Date 2023-01-16
Runtime 42 minutes
Genres Drama, Crime
Stars Kate del Castillo

After years of blood, sweat and tears, a woman of humble origin ends up becoming a drug trafficking legend, with all that that means...

1. Episode 1


Teresa is a humble woman who gets caught up in the underworld for the inheritance of a risky love.

2. Episode 2


A planner saves Teresa's life, and she makes a deal with Epifanio for El Güero's information, but death and suspicions surround her, and she is set up by someone she doesn't know.

3. Episode 3


Promising to reveal the location of the planner, Teresa persuades Willy to take her to San Diego, where she discovers El Ratas has followed her.

4. Episode 4


Teresa leaves Mexico to try her luck elsewhere, and arrives in Spain in the midst of a sexual game intended to get El Güero out of her heart.

5. Episode 5


A fraught Teresa ends up in the hands of the police for drugs due to the vendetta of a woman who cannot resist her beauty; she might be able to save herself by selling her body.

6. Episode 6


Teresa must humiliate herself to escape being deported by Céspedes, although he decides to collect Sheila's debt with a vengeance.

7. Episode 7


Teresa seeks revenge with her own hands and shows Sheila just what The Mexican is made of, when Santiago is about to be set up by the mafia, who is looking for payback for his betrayal.

8. Episode 8


Teresa is on the run again over a crime that she didn't commit when she is blamed for Sheila's attempted murder, while Santiago evades the Pernas Clan's trap.

9. Episode 9


Teresa succumbs to desire for Santiago and tries to erase the memory of El Güero with his kisses, and realizes that, for her, history repeats itself when it comes to men.

10. Episode 10


Teresa returns to the trafficking nightmare with Santiago and decides to leave him for good because of it, when she confronts Dris for helping a friend.

11. Episode 11


Santiago gambles with his life and accepts a deal that hurts him financially, while Fátima faces the cruelty of her lies in search of a lost son.

12. Episode 12


Santiago risks his life for Teresa and ends up killing Josef to save her, while Fátima must take back her son and flee Morocco with him.

13. Episode 13


Teresa proposes turning Santiago into a drug trafficker, when Col. Abdelkader receives an unexpected visit from The Mexican.

14. Episode 14


Teresa starts narcotics career, since she must start dealing hashish in order to save her life, not knowing that her ambition will be her doom, along with Santiago.

15. Episode 15


Santiago is the victim of Dris's envy, who decides to rat him out to the Moroccan police, but it is Lalo who is tortured for information.

16. Episode 16


A promise of love seduces The Mexican, who decides to leave her life behind and give herself to Santiago and the security of joining him in life and death.

17. Episode 17


Teresa and Santiago start their first mission, and without knowing how, they evade the law with a shipment of cocaine while being watched from the air...

18. Episode 18


Teresa is afraid of admitting love, even though Santiago shows her how he feels through his jealousy and a proposal, The Mexican almost loses her chance of starting over.

19. Episode 19


Teresa loses again. She knows that love only brings death for the man that she wants at her side, and Santiago is now facing that fate because of his trafficking.

20. Episode 20


Teresa earns respect in jail by defending herself in a fight for her life, while she finds an enemy in Makoki who could make her life very difficult.

21. Episode 21


Teresa faces death in a fire started by Makoki, all for a debt of honor and a fight over a sought-after inmate.

22. Episode 22


Teresa is haunted by crimes she didn't commit, and now is blamed for the fire and death of Adriana, all for a duel of loyalty and strength in the heat of sexual urges.

23. Episode 23


Teresa is released from jail but gets mixed up with Patty when she tries to seduce her with ambition and the promise of putting an end to her bad luck.

24. Episode 24


Teresa and Patty join forces to sell her stash and start the climb to the top; they must do business with the Russian mafia.

25. Episode 25


Teresa makes a deal with the Russian mafia when her audacity helps protect Oleg and his drugs; she doesn't know that this is why she puts her own loyalty at stake.

26. Episode 26


Teresa deals in hashish, Lalo's freedom and Fátima's peace of mind, all for a lucrative arrangement with the Russians and personal vendetta.

27. Episode 27


Teresa's enemies meet their end, thanks to a dangerous alliance that's profiting from Santiago's death and The Mexican's past.

28. Episode 28


Teresa tries to clear her name but her past continues to haunt her, and while some die at her orders, others rise from the ashes.

29. Episode 29


Teresa is the victim of blackmail by new enemies who threaten to kill her people, while Dris tries to save his life by turning to Epifanio.

30. Episode 30


Teresa sees Fátima die in her arms, an innocent victim of The Queen's enemies and past.

31. Episode 31


After getting information out of Dris, Ratas kills him and hangs him on a bridge in Mexico.

32. Episode 32


The death of Dris is a clue that casts suspicion on Epifanio Vargas, while Teresa plans on traveling with a cartel that will put her face-to-face with her enemies.

33. Episode 33


Teresa makes enemies of El Gallego's enemies in the midst of a trafficking deal with drug lords, when the debts of the past put her on a fatal path.

34. Episode 34


A fatal Mexican game ends up being Teresa's revenge when Oleg gets his hands on her enemies while she closes a drug deal.

35. Episode 35


Teresa has the lives of her enemies in her hands, and although the pain from her past compels her to kill them, Oleg convinces her not to get her hands dirty.

36. Episode 36


El Ratas is willing to kill Teresa, but his mistakes will be the death of him when she wants to kill him with her own hands.

37. Episode 37


Pote saves Teresa's life in an explosion ordered by the Pernas Clan, who want to get rid of The Mexican.

38. Episode 38


The Pernas Clan loses its war with Teresa when she finds out that they tried to eliminate her, while Teo tries to win her heart.

39. Episode 39


Teresa gets carried away by desire and confesses that she's attracted to Teo, while someone close is stricken with jealousy.

40. Episode 40


Teresa succumbs to her desires, without realizing that Teo has a double life that she might get mixed up in.

41. Episode 41


Someone tries to take Teo away from Teresa with an attempt on his life, all for a seductive opportunity that appears to take on another life.

42. Episode 42


The attempted hit on Teo arouses Teresa's suspicions, and she is willing to take justice into her own hands in order to find out who informed on her.

43. Episode 43


An alliance of hate and ambition is revealed between Eddie and Eugenia by their efforts to kill Teo, but Teresa is onto them.

44. Episode 44


Teresa decides to avenge Teo, and it is Eddie who must pay when Teresa confronts Eugenia on her lies and ambitions.

45. Episode 45


Teresa decides to join her enemy due under the pressure of their attacks, but there are ulterior motives for the deal.

46. Episode 46


Teresa reveals Eugenia's crimes, which leads Teo to file for divorce, while The Queen throws her own party.

47. Episode 47


Eugenia challenges Teresa at her party and threatens Teo for leaving her, without imagining that The Mexican has proof of her schemes.

48. Episode 48


Eugenia can't handle the pressure and takes her own life after Teo decides to leave her for good because of her personal vendetta, which almost leads to his death.

49. Episode 49


Verónica doesn't fall for The Queen's trap, and while she looks for traitors, news of a suicide might lead to the mafia's defeat.

50. Episode 50


While Teresa is carried away by her sexual desire for Teo and tries to make a fresh start, an infiltrator marks the beginning of the end for The Mexican.

51. Episode 51


Teo betrays Teresa and becomes a rat for the DEA, while The Mexican plans a shipment for the Russians.

52. Episode 52


Teresa is blinded by love, but her allies aren't, and Teo is beginning to feel their eyes upon him, without knowing that a new Aljarafe is on its way.

53. Episode 53


Teo cheats on Teresa with his lover, when The Mexican goes after the DEA rat.

54. Episode 54


Teo's betrayal is finally exposed to Nino when a fatal accident claims Lupe or Patty as its victim.

55. Episode 55


Lupe loses her life to Patty's accident, when Teo finally eliminates the sole witness who could expose him to Teresa.

56. Episode 56


Life is cruel yet again to Teresa when Patty kills herself to get out of the way, revealing that the DEA is hot on her heels.

57. Episode 57


Teo's lies and betrayal become a double-edged sword, because even though he tries to hide his alliances, Teresa's words betray suspicion.

58. Episode 58


Teresa receives two major blows: Teo's betrayal ends to a new love without her knowing it, and the past lies of the man who she believed to be her godfather are revealed.

59. Episode 59


Teo's game is exposed, and now it's Teresa who plans her own trap, while he tries to escape from the web of his own lies and deceit.

60. Episode 60


Teresa's revenge means the end for Teo, the father of her child; the police lose the last ace up their sleeves when they lose track of their key witness.

61. Episode 61


Teresa escapes Spanish justice with the help of the Russian and Willy, when Epifanio decides to confront the only threat that could put an end to his political career.

62. Episode 62


Teresa escapes the Spanish police while death stalks her in her own country; Epifanio must deal with the revenge of El Ratas at the last minute.

63. Episode 63


Teresa fulfills her promise of revenge and sends Epifanio Vargas, the great traitor from her past, to jail, while she starts a new life without leaving a trace.