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Image La Reina del Sur Season 2

La Reina del Sur Season 2

Release Date 2023-01-18
Runtime 42 minutes
Genres Drama, Crime
Stars Kate del Castillo

After years of blood, sweat and tears, a woman of humble origin ends up becoming a drug trafficking legend, with all that that means...

1. Episode 1


"Queen of the South" Teresa is now living in hiding as María in Italy, but her new life is upended when her daughter Sofía is kidnapped by her enemies.

2. Episode 2


Teresa makes her way back to Mexico for the first time in years and Epifanio tells her what she can do in exchange for getting her daughter back.

3. Episode 3


Galician narco Siso Pernas threatens Pedro while looking for Teresa, who is simultaneously in danger from another enemy seeking revenge.

4. Episode 4


Teresa travels to Málaga, just as Cayetana contacts Spanish authorities. Sofía and her mom exchange video messages. The DEA punishes Manuela.

5. Episode 5


The Galicians catch up to Teresa and put her in grave danger. Sofía pretends to be very ill so that she can sneakily make a call on a cellphone.

6. Episode 6


Teresa confronts Cayetana, who responds by unleashing a bull. Sofía is rattled by Lupo's punishment for her rebellious behavior.

7. Episode 7


Drug lord Zurdo hosts a lively party for Mariano's presidential campaign. Across the world, Teresa arrives in Russia in search of Oleg.

8. Episode 8


Teresa reunites with an old friend, but worries someone has been following her. The Galicians investigate how she managed to escape them.

9. Episode 9


Siso aggressively interrogates Conejo, hoping to discover Teresa's whereabouts. Oleg asks the Russian president for permission to leave the country.

10. Episode 10


Oleg and Teresa try to escape Russia. Sofia is tormented by what she's overheard about her mother. Alejandro offers Epifanio's estranged wife a deal.

11. Episode 11


Rocio and Paloma end up on the run after a troubling incident with Juan. Teresa and Oleg are forced to get creative while fleeing to the Ukraine.

12. Episode 12


Sofia gets to know Batman a little better and sends a hidden message to her mother. Oleg tells Teresa he distrusts her friend Francesco/Lupo.

13. Episode 13


Teresa and Oleg travel to Málaga. Sofia continues to plot against her kidnappers. Rocio's and Paloma's faces appear on the news.

14. Episode 14


Lupo and Teresa head to Rocio and Paloma's hostel to help them escape from the police. Oleg punishes a former employee for his betrayals.

15. Episode 15


Teresa voices her suspicions about Lupo while on their date. Paloma receives startling news. Juanito's family goes after Cayetana before his funeral.

16. Episode 16


Sofia's plan to escape Morgana goes awry. Teresa offers to help Cayetana in exchange for being left alone. Epifanio visits his estranged wife's priest.

17. Episode 17


Rocio and Paloma attempt to make amends with their grandmother. Lupo chases a fleeing and frightened Sofia. Teresa sends Conejo a message.

18. Episode 18


Teresa reunites with old friends who try and help her free Conejo. Back in Mexico, Sofia makes a new friend and performs on the street for money.

19. Episode 19


Teresa is heartbroken when she listens to her daughter's angry message. Sofia begins learning more about Simon's underground world.

20. Episode 20


Teresa and Oleg desperately search for Sofia as Lupo and Alejandro do the same. Willy brings Ray to Mexico, where he meets Rocio and Paloma.

21. Episode 21


While trying to escape Mercedes, Sofia runs into a familiar face. Veva makes a startling discovery about Epifanio. Jonathan keeps investigating Manuela.

22. Episode 22


Simon tries to help Sofia break free from her latest kidnapper. Willy asks Ray to decrypt the files Jonathan found in Manuela's safe.

23. Episode 23


Cayetana receives an unexpected but welcome phone call. Lupo and Teresa reunite and become closer than ever. Carmen approaches Marietta.

24. Episode 24


Carmen's bombshell interview stirs up a media circus just as someone close to her is killed. Oleg argues with Teresa about her latest romance.

25. Episode 25


Teresa visits her old house in Culiacán and is struck by her nostalgia, as well as the condition she finds the house in. Flores encounters trouble.

26. Episode 26


Teresa finally meets with her target: Zurdo Villa. Epifanio offers Carmen a deal in order to help their granddaughter. Lupo brings Sofia to an island.

27. Episode 27


Zurdo hosts a party in Teresa's honor and presents the Queen of the South with a very generous gift. Sofia asks Lupo about his feelings for her mother.

28. Episode 28


Zurdo confronts Teresa about bringing a tracking device to his party. Meanwhile, Epifanio goes on-air to speak about his love life.

29. Episode 29


Epifanio proposes to Veva despite her father's disapproval. Teresa and Lupo confess their feelings for each other and Sofia misunderstands.

30. Episode 30


Teresa and her friends set a trap for Siso Pernas and his cousins while Oleg leads a team to steal drugs from one of Zurdo's trucks.

31. Episode 31


Teresa's revenge plan continues as she tells Zurdo she suspects Siso stole his drugs. Sofia confronts Epifanio when he visits the island.

32. Episode 32


Zurdo asks Teresa to partner with him and share her international expertise. Sofia gets into trouble while running from Lupo. Willy speaks with Carmen.

33. Episode 33


Teresa negotiates the terms of her partnership with Zurdo. Alejandro meets Danilo's family. Lupo worries about Sofia.

34. Episode 34


Sofia's message in a bottle is discovered as Lupo hunts for her in the woods. Willy attempts to warn Teresa about Manuela. Alejandro is blackmailed.

35. Episode 35


Teresa is shaken and misses Sofia even more after meeting Zurdo's daughter. Cayetana is dubious upon receiving a peculiar phone call.

36. Episode 36


Zurdo, Teresa and their respective entourages travel to Morocco. Alejandro asks Manuela to conduct another job for him. Cayetana questions Lupo.

37. Episode 37


Abdelkader impresses Zurdo with his Moroccan party and they talk business with Teresa. Cayetana receives the judge's custodial decision about Sofia.

38. Episode 38


Lupo introduces Teresa to his "family" and dinner gets complicated. Sofia tries a new tactic to attract attention. Renata sees a child psychologist.

39. Episode 39


In Italy, Teresa, Zurdo and their colleagues attend an important business meeting with high-stakes players in the drug trade.

40. Episode 40


Lupo attempts to extract Teresa from a fatal and explosive situation as enemies from her past life seek vengeance on the Queen of the South.

41. Episode 41


Cayetana visits Mexico with the judge's court order. Sofia celebrates her birthday on the island. Alejandro checks in with the president of the U.S.

42. Episode 42


Teresa meets presidential candidate Mariano and tours Zurdo's bunker. Epifanio and Veva get married. Oleg devises a plan to stop Cayetana.

43. Episode 43


Sofia is saddened at the thought of saying goodbye to Lupo. On the verge of completing her mission, Teresa feels guilty about betraying Zurdo.

44. Episode 44


Teresa gives Epifanio information and speaks with her team about what each of them plan to do going forward, once the mission has ended.

45. Episode 45


Zurdo takes another look at the hostage note Renata has been talking about and wonders if Teresa is about to double-cross him.

46. Episode 46


Zurdo confronts Teresa with his suspicions and her plan begins to fall apart. Alejandro gives Manuela and Lupo surprising orders.

47. Episode 47


Manuela attempts to hunt down Sofia and ends up injuring someone unexpected. Meanwhile, Faustino finds himself in a troubling situation.

48. Episode 48


Sofia does everything she can to try to save Lupo. A devastated Teresa hits the streets with her friends to look for her daughter.

49. Episode 49


Teresa comes face to face with Sofia's kidnapper and is shocked and devastated by what she discovers. Jonathan tries to track down Manuela.

50. Episode 50


Lupo urges Teresa to believe him as she tries to devise a quick plan for her and Sofia to escape from Mexico with Jonathan's help.

51. Episode 51


Conejo, Paloma and the others mourn while Teresa reflects back on the explosive events that transpired. Batman keeps a special someone alive.

52. Episode 52


Teresa tells Lupo she will trust him again if he leads her to Manuela. Meanwhile, Zurdo's hitmen attack the Queen of the South's workplace and home.

53. Episode 53


Sheldon informs Alejandro about the new plan the U.S. government has for the Mexican presidency. Teresa travels to Washington, D.C. to save a friend.

54. Episode 54


Teresa finds out about the DEA's shocking new plan. Lencho attempts to break Zurdo out of the hospital. Cayetana bonds with her granddaughter.

55. Episode 55


Lupo and Teresa warn Epifanio about the target on his back. Looking for information, Ray gets to know Danilo. Alejandro meets his campaign manager.

56. Episode 56


Zurdo swears vengeance on Teresa. Batman surprises Teresa by reuniting her with a friend. Epifanio grows suspicious of his brother-in-law.

57. Episode 57


A shooting at a presidential rally and the ensuing aftermath rattles Alejandro. Batman goes on the run. Teresa and Zurdo face off.

58. Episode 58


Juanito's mother attacks Sofia and tragedy occurs. Batman begs Teresa to help him hide from the police. Alejandro is threatened.

59. Episode 59


Alejandro takes Teresa's bait and Danilo learns more about the man he's been dating. Cayetana confesses to a crime. Rocio reunites with Faustino.

60. Episode 60


Teresa and her friends have their final confrontation with Alejandro and the DEA as all of their collective lies are exposed.