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Image Minder


Release Date 1994-03-10
Runtime 60 minutes
Genres Comedy, Drama, Action & Adventure
Stars George Cole, Dennis Waterman, Gary Webster, Glynn Edwards, Patrick Malahide

This comedy drama series featured Terry McCann, a former boxer with a conviction for G.B.H., and Arthur Daley, a second-hand car dealer with an eye for a nice little earner. Alongside his many business ventures, Arthur would regularly hire Terry out as a minder or bodyguard, later replaced by nephew, Ray Daley.

1. A Fridge Too Far


To sell a consignment of mopeds to The Pizza Man, Arthur gets involved in complicated money-juggling. He has pawned his wife’s jewellery to fund the purchase, but instead uses the cash to buy a lorryload of fridge freezers at a knockdown price.

2. Another Case of Van Blank


To take advantage of new rules concerning duty free alcohol, Arthur, Ray and Dave take a van to Calais, planning to stock up on cheap booze. Whilst Ray and Dave go to a hypermarket, Arthur has meets with Henry, a former mate, and gets unwittingly drawn into breaking into a liquor warehouse.

3. All Things Brighton Beautiful


Arthur's chum Sidney comes to him for protection from a murderer. Unfortunately, Arthur's idea of a safe house is a caravan.

4. One Flew Over the Parents' Nest


Whilst his parents are on holiday in Spain, Ray, driving Bert’s taxi, picks up Susie, an attractive girl who claims to be on the run from a violent husband. Arthur, scenting a ‘nice little earner’, installs her in Bert and Doreen’s house.

5. The Immaculate Contraption


A nun buys an Austin Allegro from Arthur’s car lot, despite Arthur knowing it’s clapped out and overpriced, then everything in his life starts to go wrong. Could it be divine retribution?

6. All Quiet on the West End Front


Arthur's venture into corporate hospitality takes him and Ray into company that's glamorous and dangerous.

7. The Great Depression of 1994


Arthur spots a way to make money out of his brother-in-law Brian's misery.

8. On the Autofront


Arthur is forced to broadcast his first ever commercial on pirate radio when a rival car dealer tries to put him out of business with a nightmare test drive.

9. Bring Me the Head of Arthur Daley


Arthur is targeted by violent criminal Charlie Knowles, who blames him for his incarceration.

10. The Long Good Thursday


Café owner Luigi is opening a mafia-themed restaurant, the ‘Cosa Noshtra’ with Arthur’s financial backing. On the evening before the grand opening, ‘Cranky Frankie’ Connor escapes from prison and holds Arthur at gunpoint in his lockup. He demands to see Rosie, his wife, whom he suspects of having an affair with Luigi. Luigi’s wife Carla also has her suspicions.